Custom Footbeds & Ski Boots?

A friend just sent me a note saying:
“I remember you mentioning a shop in east bay for boots / footbeds?  Do I recall correctly?  What is the name of the shop and do you still recommend it?”
I thought I’d post my answer just in case there are others in the San Francisco Bay Area who are looking for amazing ski boots.
Here’s my answer:
Depends on how custom you want to go.  If you want to buy stock alpine touring (AT) or telemark boots, Marmot Mountain Works in Berkeley is the place to go.  They do a great job of fitting boots and molding heat moldable liners.  Marmot Mountain Works fit my AT boots and my tele boots and have yet to get a blister from either.  I’d call that a success!
However, if you’re going for pure alpine boots, I’d suggest Surefoot at Squaw.  Surefoot makes custom footbeds and can do full custom foam injected boots.  I have Surefoot foodbeds in all of my ski boots & cycling shoes and my alpine boots have custom surefoot liners and they’re amazing.
So ultimately  it depends what you’re looking for and how much you want to spend.  I think my alpine boots (boots, custom footbed & foam injected liner) cost north of $800.  But they are amazing and fit like running shoes.
Good luck!  Happy to answer any more questions.
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